What We Offer Contractors

Woman construction worker with male colleague on Tideway site
  • Contractors

    We support contractors interested in addressing the gender imbalance in construction and creating a more diverse workforce. Studies, including McKinsey (2015) have demonstrated that gender diversity encourages the creation of a more adaptable and resilient work-force and increases productivity by 15%.

    Working with us brings the added benefit of helping contractors to address their corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets, through providing them with trained and highly motivated, job ready women interested in working in construction, as well as facilitating training and work-placement opportunities within their companies.

    Workforce Engagement

    We offer facilitated work-shops, discussions and training in areas such as promoting best practice and addressing unconscious bias.
    Please contact us for more information.

  • We Offer

    The opportunity to meet and potentially hire trained women interested in entering the construction industry.

    Help with meeting CSR targets. We recognise that there may be other CSR requirements, such as borough restrictions, and we can accommodate this.

  • Work Placements

    Brokerage of women into work-placements
    (either full-time, 2-6 weeks or part-time, 4-13 weeks)

    Our service to contractors involves:

    • Sourcing of suitable women to suit contractors’ requirements
    • Arranging interviews
    • Ensuring all candidates have a suitable up to date
      CITB Health & Safety (CSCS) card
    • Supporting women on placement through payment of their expenses (lunches, fares and childcare) and regular site visits

Woman construction worker
Woman construction worker on Tideway site
  • Employment

    Brokerage of women into employment:

    • Sourcing of suitable women to suit job requirements
    • Ensuring all candidates have a suitable up to date CSCS card
    • Providing additional support as required