Bespoke Short Employment Programme

We provide a one month programme for potential female recruits. Our programme includes careers information, advice and guidance, construction related training, site-based work placements and brokerage into employment.

Seconded WiC Project Manager

A WiC expert is embedded within your organisation. A seconded project manager will support your diversity programmes on site, whilst benefitting from our central WiC team providing expertise and support.

WiC team members
Women construction workers on Tideway site

Student Mentoring Programme

WiC mentor and support programmes for further education or undergraduate students studying construction courses. As well as mentoring this also includes work placements and help with access to employment. We also provide a bespoke short employment programme.

Sub-contract Entry to Employment Programme

We provide the management and delivery of an agreed programme of support to help meet S106 or diversity targets for a construction site or wider programme.